Julie’s sessions are not only informative, but the therapy itself is like pushing the reset button; keeping up a consistent habit at home daily means resetting to a calm space every night before going to sleep.

I would recommend hypnotherapy not only to people that regularly practice mindfulness techniques, but to people that are new to this kind of therapy as Julie provides a safe and trusting space.


I developed a phobia of driving on motorways over 10 years ago for no explainable reason. I knew very little about hypnotherapy but always thought that it probably wouldn’t be able to help me. A friend recommended Julie and said it would at least be worth a try as she knew how much my phobia was frustrating me.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but Julie is so easy to talk to and really put my mind at ease. She taught me how the brain works and convinced me that it all made sense.

After just four sessions with Julie I am back driving on the motorway after so many years of avoiding it and it feels great! I also feel much more positive about things in general.


After just a few sessions with Julie I feel more in control and my eating habits have changed dramatically.

I feel positive, vibrant and better within myself.


I went to see Julie as I had been having trouble sleeping for a number of years. I was getting very fed up watching the hands of the clock moving round throughout the night while I got more and more stressed, worrying about anything and everything that would pop into my head. I had never tried hypnotherapy before, mainly because I find it very difficult to relax and didn’t really believe that it would work for me. I felt I was in a state of constant tiredness.

Julie was very friendly and welcoming but at the same time extremely professional and put me at my ease very quickly. She explained everything, and the procedure she was going to use, very clearly. I have to say, that I was amazed that after only 3 sessions my sleep pattern had improved greatly. I was also taken aback as to how relaxed I felt during hypnotherapy, something I thought I would never be able to achieve. I continued seeing Julie for a few weeks and am happy to say that my sleep pattern, apart from the very occasional blip, is still much improved.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Julie to anyone who feels that this type of therapy could help them and also those who think it wouldn’t. I was certainly sceptical but am so pleased I gave it a try and would not think twice about returning to see Julie should I need her again.


I went to see Julie as I was going through a very difficult time in my life. I lost my husband, I was grieving, not sleeping, anxious and feeling useless, in other words not coping at all well. I thought I had nothing to lose by going to see Julie, just maybe something to gain.

On my first visit, after speaking to Julie, she asked me what I would like to sort out first. The first thing I needed to do was sleep. I hadn’t slept for many months and I was physically exhausted the whole time and everything seeded so much worse.

She started helping me by learning how to relax. She gave me the instruments on how to do that. I couldn’t believe it, I started to sleep for the first time. I felt so much better for that alone. I continued to go to see Julie every week and I listened to her CD every night. As I was sleeping this then helped me to deal with the basic day to day running of the home and looking after my children.

Once we sorted out my sleeping pattern, we went on to my other issues, which was my anxiety and depression. My doctor wanted to put me on anti-depressants, I didn’t want to go down that route, being dependant on drugs.

Julie made me realise that I was actually doing a great job, keeping everything together and looking after my children. The one thing she made me realise was that I was not useless but had achieved so much since my husband had passed, and that I should be very proud of myself.

Julie always asked me every session, what have you achieved this week, my answer would be the usual, nothing, by the time she finished asking me what I did on a day to day basis, I would actually remember that I had done many things, which made me realise what I had achieved and I felt uplifted.

From the first meeting with Julie, she made me feel very comfortable. It was a very tranquil, calm environment, that put me at ease straight away. She treated me in a way that everything that was going on in my life was normal, that felt great for the first time, I felt normal. The other thing that Julie did was to go at my pace, not hers or anyone else’s.

Julie has made my life so much better, I now feel more confident in my actions, than I was before.


I just wanted to thank you for helping me on my journey battling with anxiety. I am now fully able to function as normal, enter events and take part in events with other people without it becoming an all encompassing terror, and more importantly enjoy the experience.

Your approach has been a revelation to me and even now I can still hear some of your positive comments whilst not allowing the “monkey on my shoulder” to have his say!

I can now read the signs when things get on top of me a bit and can accept them for what they are. Also by listening to the tape that you gave me, I am able to deal with the situation and refocus my mind so enable a clearer prospective of the facts.

A big thank you once again… I now like myself for just being me!


I decided it was time to address my postnatal anxiety from which I had suffered for 2 ½ years. Since I had a background in counselling studies, I was aware of the type of therapy I wanted and didn’t want, I didn’t want something as precise and directed as CBT or any type of psychoanalysis, I wanted a much more gentle approach that allowed me to explore the reasons why I felt as I did.

I was introduced to Julie through a contact and she was very accommodating in coming to me for our sessions at times that suited with my childcare. It would have been impossible for me any other way. I admit I was a little sceptical at first, but after my first couple of sessions I started to feel like the fog that had surrounded me for so long was lifting. I felt like my anxiety was something that I was able to master and control for the first time in a long time and I started to enjoy my children in a way that I had always wanted to, with love, pride and hope for the future, rather than feeling irrational, crippling fear and anxiety around them all of the time. I started to enjoy life again, I wasn’t waking every morning with irrational thoughts and worries, and my husband said that I was almost back to my “old self”. I knew when I was ready for the sessions to end, I could feel that I was “well” again, there was no pressure for me to get there, it was entirely self directed. My sessions ended 4 months ago and I feel like the strategies I have learned to cope are still helping me.

I highly recommend Julie and the therapy, it is definitely a therapy I would use again should I encounter such difficult times as before.


I met with Julie at a time in life when my stress level was unusually high; I was willing to try anything to get more rest and feel less anxious when I went to bed and woke up in the morning. I have found hypnotherapy exceeded my expectations about how much can be achieved in terms of reducing anxiety in such a short space of time.

I came to see Julie to help with some anxiety I was experiencing that was causing issues with my relationship. I’d never done anything like this before, but I knew I had to take control of my emotions before it ruined my life. From the moment I met Julie I felt relaxed – she has a very calming nature and I felt safe. Julie explained the whole process and how the mind worked and explained what would happen in any subsequent sessions – there was never any pressure to book further sessions, it was entirely up to me. I chose to have weekly sessions as I wanted to maintain momentum. The sessions opened my mind to my emotions and how I approached everything. I was able to become more mindful while having conversations, properly thinking about how I was feeling and understanding why. Her sessions come from such a positive place, it meant that all week between sessions I found myself more and more looking at what had been great that week and focusing on those things.

After only a few sessions my mindset was changed and I was able to have much better control of my emotions. I would highly recommend Julie if you are thinking of trying hypnotherapy. She was professional, approachable and great at what she does. I know where to come if I need to get back on track again!


I came to see Julie partly out of curiosity as a member of my family was going through some similar therapy and I wanted to understand in order to help them. Julie was so kind and was eager to help me understand about solution focused hypnosis and actually immediately dispelled the myths and preconceptions I had. I came back for two more sessions – not really knowing why – but I felt the opportunity to talk, using the backdrop of how the brain works and processes information, enlightening! Julie sent me an MP3 file containing her trance recording by email and this has helped me in a number of ways – sleep, relaxation and even slightly more mindful eating. I listen to this before I go to sleep and hear different things each time even though it’s the same words.

I highly recommend Julie, her practical and kindly approach really works and helped me sort lots of things out in my mind.


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