So, Christmas and New Year are over after a long and busy build up. During November and December, the mornings and evenings were getting darker but there were lots to look forward to and much to do. Present and food buying, parties, meeting up with friends and family, games to play and walks outside to work off the food and spend time with loved ones. The dark, short days didn’t seem a problem then, we were busy with other things.

Early January and we are back to work, school and our old routines. We notice the dark, cold and grey sky’s and we can look at this as if it will go on for ever with no end in sight.
Very soon we may struggle with those thoughts of eating healthier, exercising more or taking up a new hobby, they just seem too difficult.

We then find ourselves staying in more, eating comfort food that has more sugar, fat and salt and not having the motivation to do what we would like to do.

All of this can start with a thought when you wake up. “It’s dark and cold and I don’t want to go to work”.

This leads us to not want to get out of bed, start thinking of all the negative things that we visualise are going to happen that day. To cheer ourselves up a sugary cereal seems a good idea, we get angry at small things that aren’t quite right. Searching for our phone or keys becomes a huge issue in our head. The traffic appears to be against us, people at work annoy us we look at anything we do in negative light the day goes downhill from there.



We can’t control the weather or the amount of daylight BUT, we do have control over many things including our thoughts.


Little changes make a BIG difference.

See the difference it makes in changing that first thought of the day to include what will be good.

Think, what you would like to do, not what you have to do or should do. We are doing the same action but with a different approach. An example of this would be,
“I would like to get some food shopping during my lunch break, I have time, it will mean I can buy the healthier food I want to cook tonight rather than buying a takeaway, It will be some exercise for me and something off my to do list”.
This would lead to feeling better and more organised and in control. When we do a positive action whilst feeling positive, we release neuro transmitters such as Serotonin and Dopamine, we feel happier and more motivated the day already seems good.

To carry this on, we can think about what would I like to do at the end of the day, when we plan and visualise what we want to do we are far more likely to do it we have a goal to work towards.
An example of this would be, “I would like to go to the gym for half an hour on my way home”, you can visualise yourself leaving work, going to the gym at the time you want and then feeling reenergised and positive when you leave.

Think about what small steps you can do to make this happen and what could stand in your way. Maybe packing your gym bag the night before would be useful or thinking of the snack you can eat to allow you to train without feeling hungry, again planning in a positive way to allow you to succeed.

You are no longer noticing the short days or the cold weather as you are getting a good amount of your neuro transmitters and are busy enjoying what you are achieving.

Yes, longer sunny days will be good when they come but you can allow yourselves to enjoy the here and now and remember the shortest day is already behind us !😊